Travel around Kumano
- where the Gods reside

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Power spot of Oku-Kumano
A jet boat tour around Doro Gorge, a large gorge created by the great nature
Fully enjoy the beauty of the valley stretching out above your head

Doro Gorge Jet Boat Tour

Kumano Sanzan

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Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range
A unique holy ground where the Divine Spirits hide themselves

The 3 shrines - "Kumano Hongu Taisha", "Kumano Hayatama Taisha", and "Kumano Nachi Taisha" are called "Kumano Sanzan".

Sightseeing Bus:
World Heritage Kumano Sanzan Circuit Tour

Towards Nachisan Towards Shiko/Kawayu/Yunomine
Onsen/Hongu Taisha/Koguchi


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Daimonzaka of Kumano Kodo, the sacred land of Kumano pilgrimage, is the road of ancient people's hearts, where the mountain of sacred sites is located with Nachi-no-Taki at the center.

Sightseeing Bus:
World Heritage Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka & Nachisan Circuit Tour

Towards Nachisan